West Central Charter High School 


The primary design and focus of the charter is the development of career academics and pathways with a post-secondary institution beginning in middle school with the utilization of the Iowa Choices program. The charter provides students with a fast track to completion of post-secondary training in either an associates degree or four-year course of study. Students have access to expanded programming specific to career oriented areas. Moreover, the charter is individualized for the students and all students to give them access to college credit, including Low SES students and those with IEPs. Northeast Iowa Community College will provide programs and courses not available in the resident district, West Central.

Main Goals: The four main charter goals that have been established and used for evaluation of the program are as follows:

  1. Increase the percent of graduates who complete post-secondary training from West Central Community School District
  2. Continue to raise ITED scores for 11th grade students in reading, mathematics, and science.
  3. Provide special needs and at-risk students with the opportunity to develop individualized courses of study working toward a high school diploma and developing employability skills
  4. Increase the percentage of students that graduate with a dual concentration of vocational and academic credits


Northeast Iowa Community College West Central Community School  End of Year Report