Registration Fees/Forms

School Registration 2020-2021

High School RegistrationJunior High SchoolK-6Preschool
Textbook Rental -- $65.00 (Reduced-$26.00)Textbook Rental -- $65.00 (Reduced-$26.00)Grades 1-6 Textbook Rental -- $60.003 yr old - All: $350.00 Half: $180.00
Instrument Rental -- $90.00 (Reduced-$36.00)Instrument Rental--$90.00 (Reduced-$36.00)Kindergarten Textbook Rent -- $55.004 yr old- All: $245.00
Half: Free
Percussion Rental -- $45.00 (Reduced-$18.00)Percussion Rental--$45.00 (Reduced-$18.00)Grades 1-6 Planner -- $3.00
Choir Robe Rental -- $10.00 (Reduced -$4.00)JH Planner -- $3.00 (Reduced-$1.20)

Charter Book and Other Fees:

  • 9th and 10th grade students have no Fees for Concurrent Classes
  • Assess the appropriate fee for any student taking college classes other than NICC, in which the cost exceeds the PSEO fee of $250.00 per class.
  • All students have a $138 Fee per PICC courses (Purple form)
  • 11th and 12th no Fees for PSEO (Yellow form – UIU) unless the course is failed or not dropped by the college drop date
  • 11th and 12th have a Fee of $50 for 4-6 credits, $75 for 7 to 10 credits and $100 over 10 credits per semester for Concurrent Classes.
  • The student is totally responsible for book costs for programs requiring all books purchased up front, this includes: Cosmetology, John Deere Program, and Auto Tech Program.
  • Students will pay$150 every credit over 12 each semester
  • Students will pay $250 if they fail or withdraw from a college course
  • A student will pay the full cost for a class that requires full tuition cost at a college other than NICC that cannot be taken as a PSEO course.
  • Transportation fee for students attending the Calmar campus is $150 per semester
Yearbook K-12: $45.00

Activity Passes:

Grades K – 6: $30.00
Grades 7 – 12: $50.00

Adult Value Pass: $50.00/12 punches
Adult Pass: $75.00 – will admit to all athletic activities during the year.
Senior Citizens (age 65 or older) will be admitted to all activities at no charge.

Hot Lunch/Afternoon Milk Prices:

One white milk is included with each lunch. There is an additional charge for extra white milk, chocolate milk or an orange juice.
Preschool: $2.25/meal  
Grades K – 4: $2.50/meal  
Grades 5 – 8: $3.05/meal  
Grades 9 – 12: $3.15/meal 
Adult lunch: $3.85/meal 

Reduced lunch $ .40/meal

Breakfast (all grades): $1.30/meal
Reduced breakfast: $ .30/meal

White Milk: $ .30 ($6.00/20 day ticket) Chocolate Milk: $ .35 ($7.00/20 day ticket) Orange Juice: $ .40 ($ 8.00/20 day ticket)

NOTICE: If your account balance falls to a negative $5.00 balance, your child(ren) will automatically receive an alternative lunch and will receive no afternoon milk/juice until the account represents a positive balance.

Lunch account balances can be checked online or by calling the office – 563-637-2283.

To save time and to avoid filling out paperwork, parents are encouraged to go to JMC Online to update your child's information. If you've forgotten your login and/or password, contact the office. 
(Athletic Physical, Medical Treatment Consent & Concussion Forms required only for those participating in junior high and high school  athletic programs at WC.)
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Health Update Form
Health Update Form
Health Update FormIowa Application Form for Free & Reduced
Internet Access Policy
Internet Access PolicyInternet Access Policy
Iowa Application Form for Free/Reduced (Spanish)
Media Policy
Media Policy
Media Policy
Information Letter
Athletic Physical Form Athletic Physical Form

Concussion Form Concussion Form 

Vehicle Registration Form -(for students who wish to drive to school) 
Transportation Waiver (for students who drive to NICC classes) 

Community Survey  Building Direction for Families would like community members to complete this survey. This survey will gauge the needs of child care and school age children in our area. The responses to this survey will be the basis for program choices and options as well as the funding for them.