Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Monday, May 16th

Today’s Activities: JV/V Baseball vs Clayton Ridge 5pm (Starmont)

TUESDAY:  HS SB Scrimmage @ Starmont 4pm;      5th-8th Band/Choir Concert 7pm 

FRIDAY: Elementary park clean up

  1. Those in Mrs Fliehler's classes, Mr OBrien's and Mr.Milder return your books during their classes. All other college books are returned to Mr. Milder with sticky note with your name - need to know who is turning books in!

  2. High school girls ages 16 and older who live in Fayette county and would be interested in running for Miss Maynard please call Sylvia Flowers for information at 563-637-2255.

  3. Students not completing My Academic Plan- 4 Year career plan before Testing will not have open campus. This is a state requirement.

  4. Westgate is searching for the next Miss Westgate. If you are high school girl age 16 or older and live in Fayette county, applicants can call Tasha Wolff for more information at 563-419-1649

  5. The last day to check out books will be May 19th, and all books must be returned to the library by May 23. If there is a conflict, or an extension is needed, please see Mrs. Bunn.